Ultra Sporting Goods Heavy Duty Basketball Net Replacement – All Weather Anti Whip, Fits Standard Indoor or Outdoor Rims – White, 12 Loops




Brand: Ultra Sporting Goods

Color: White


  • ?? STANDARD SIZE: Our basketball nets feature 12 loops and measure 21 inches in total length to fit all standard-sized basketball rims.
  • ?? DURABLE AND MADE TO LAST: Made from the highest-quality and thickest polyester fibers, our nets are ideal for both indoor or outdoor basketball rims. Our nets are made to withstand any type of weather conditions and the constant pulling and hanging that comes with regular gameplay.
  • ?? ANTI-WHIP NET: Our anti-whip technology helps prevent our nets from getting tangled with the rim whenever the ball goes in the hoop, all while maintaining its flexibility to provide that sweet swish sound of that perfect shot!
  • ?? EASY TO INSTALL: The 12 loops make it extremely easy to install and replace on any standard sized basketball rim. It only takes a few minutes to install!
  • ?? SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you?re not 100% satisfied with the high quality of our nets, simply request a refund and we?ll give you your money back, absolutely no questions asked! Purchase our nets 100% risk-free!

Package Dimensions: 25x203x159

Details: The Ultra Sporting Goods Basketball Nets are of the highest-quality in the market. Whether you?re replacing an indoor basketball rim or the basketball rim in your backyard, our basketball nets are MADE TO LAST! Our Satisfaction Guarantee makes your purchase 100% RISK-FREE!
Our basketball nets measure in at 21 inches in length and 12 loops to fit most standard sized basketball rims. These include the basketball rims at your local gym, the park, indoor basketball courts, or even the one you have in your backyard!

Our nets are made from thick, tough polyester material that makes it the perfect net for either indoor or outdoor rims. Our nets are heavy-duty and resist to any type of pulling, stretching and tension. So go ahead and hang from the net all you?d like! Our nets are also all-weather proof meaning it can withstand any type of weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow, and high humidity. This makes it a great option for outdoor basketball rims.
Don?t you hate it when you make a basket only to have the net whip up and wrap itself around the rim? That?s called net whip. Our nets are dense enough that it prevents that whipping from happening but flexible and light enough to still give you that sweet swish sound from the perfect shot. No more fishing the net out of the rim!
The 12 loop system that most basketball rims feature make it a breeze to install new nets. Just grab a ladder and install your new nets in a matter of minutes! And you?ll be putting up shots in no time!
It is our duty to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Therefore, if you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, simply request a refund within Amazon?s refund window and we?ll give you you

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