Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads – Perfect for Halloween Costume, Black (6604-5)




Brand: Franklin Sports

Color: Black


  • Perfect for Costumes: These lightweight youth shoulder pads make the perfect accessory for costumes and best fit ages 5 to 7, or shirt size 7 for children, they?re great for franklin uniform sets, too
  • Comfort Hit: With comfort first and foremost, see for yourself how our football shoulder pads provide the most realistic sports shoulder pads for dressing up in costume
  • Authentic Look and Feel: While these football shoulder pads should not be used as protective equipment for football or other sports, they are designed to provide a realistic look for a football uniform Halloween costume
  • Game Day Ready: Support your favorite team with a lifelike youth shoulder pad set. Kids will love looking and feeling like their favorite athletes as they cheer them on from the couch
  • Perfect for Kids: Kids will love how authentic these look, and how they can wear shoulder pads just like their favorite players and team, they will love dressing up as the athletes they look up to for a costume or just for fun

Package Dimensions: 64x356x100

Release Date: 27-01-2012

Details: Why simply let your kids cheer on their favorite player or team when you can give them a gift they?re sure to love?lifelike youth football shoulder pads for kids that look just like the ones their favorite athletes wear! While these are not in any way intended for actual football practice, games, or other contact sports, their design gives kids a true outlet for their imagination! Each plastic and foam shoulder pad set is made with quality and pride, so your little ones can cheer on their favorite player or team while wearing an authentic-looking uniform that looks just like the real thing. It also makes a perfect choice for toddler and young children?s Halloween football player costumes. Order yours today, and watch their faces light up!

UPC: 792491419927


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